Feeling tired, stressed, and even a bit fearful?
Has ‘Life’ come out of left-field BIG TIME?
Needing a ‘coach with a different approach’?


Your ‘Life Tour Guide’ – Judith Paterson

A ‘coach with a different approach’!

DO you sometimes feel that you’re struggling through ‘mud & stuff’ through the day?

‘Travel your journey’ with me and you’ll learn how to remove the feelings of being burnt-out, bloated and ‘bitchy’. The journey you take with me, during our consultations, will create an extremely exciting ‘adventure’, allowing you to discover, and remove, the hidden obstacles to your success. As a Kinesiologist I use muscle response testing to find the hidden obstacles to your success. Life-coaching will never be the same.

You’ll receive very clear answers and inner guidance, from your cellular memory, to help you overcome any stumbling blocks, and this will rapidly effect positive change. We’ll be able to address health and wellness from a broad perspective and I’ll help you create greater life choices.

The real benefit for you is you’ll find the inner confidence to embrace life fully and you will achieve even more than you thought you could.

You’ll finally understand the real reasons you may have been feeling ‘down’, depressed, disconnected, or dissatisfied, at times and be able to leave them behind forever.”

The skills you will develop will allow you the opportunity to breathe again, to regain the enthusiasm for what’s really important for you, increase your income, and to see that you matter!

I am… Judith Paterson, kinesiologist, educator, and speaker. A fun loving person who embraces life fully. As a former teacher, I’m passionate about education and believe that applied knowledge can turn lives around.

I trained… both in New Zealand and the UK.

The best advice I ever got… Follow your heart, even if you’re scared witless!

My favourite book… ‘The Alchemist’, by Paulo Coehlo

My inspirational song is… Steve Winwood’s, ‘While You See a Chance’

My favourite affirmation… “I’m always in the right place, at the right time, successfully engaged in the right activity.”

“I had been mentally wrestling, for some time, with an issue and it was starting to affect my business productivity. Judith came to the rescue and stepped me through a process, which was very relaxing, and I am still amazed at how effective the outcome!

Suddenly the concerns that were stopping me from throwing my heart and soul into my work were gone.

It has been a week since our phone consultation and I’m still feeling renewed enthusiasm and motivation. Productivity is up and I love my work again!”

Stephanie Royds

“What a HUGE improvement there has been since I first saw you, just one month ago!

There really has been a complete turn around and I don’t even recognise the woman who rang you in desperation. How can just two appointments have made such changes?

My home life is so different. The family have changed in their attitude towards me.

Everything at work is flowing better. I’m achieving everything I set for the day, productivity is up and I don’t get overwhelmed any more… Now I don’t need to ‘steal’ time from my home life in order to complete everything.

The wonderful thing is I’ve recognised my own changes. One big change is I’m not ‘picking at a scab’ with family issues anymore and life is just brilliant. I feel more self-assured and ‘in control’.

What amazes me is that it was SO easy to make the changes!”

Julie - 39 year old, self-employed businesswoman

“After experiencing an extremely stressful 18 months, I arrived with you mentally and physically exhausted having just moved house the day before.

My session with you was a life saver. I felt very ‘light’ after the hour’s session. I felt energetic and that I’d ‘let go’ of so much.

It’s now five days since I saw you and I’m still feeling that sense of relief and relaxation.”


”I find Judith’s way of working very helpful for many of my issues, physical and emotional, and I have referred her to a number of friends who wouldn’t normally see a holistic practitioner. They, too, have found her very helpful in addressing their issues and like her professional manner and presentation. The thing I love is that Judith empowers people to take care of themselves by giving information and clear ways to increase our self-care. I’m so glad she is doing the work she does.”


Coupled with a solid background of education, sports therapy, sports & body massage, lifestyle coaching and with a ‘down to earth’ approach, I would love to work with you in order to help create the health and life-style you wish.

Kinesiology testing is just one of the approaches I use, as a registered New Zealand Natural Therapies Practitioner, in order to ‘talk’ to your body and find out the areas that need ‘balancing’.

Physically, my clinic is situated in the stunning new area of Hobsonville Point on the Upper Harbour of Auckland, in New Zealand and, by embracing the wonders of the internet, I’m easily able to guide and support clients internationally.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Registered Kinesiologist

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

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