Feeling tired, stressed, and even a bit fearful?
Has ‘Life’ come out of left-field BIG TIME?
Needing a ‘coach with a different approach’?


The self-employed businesswoman, or man, is often the person who is the least likely to ask others for help and yet is the person who most needs support.  We often feel we have to prove we can do it all!

Even if not in business for yourself, but working in a business, you will know exactly what I mean.

I am NOT your usual business coach – and, yet, I may be one of the best investments you can make for your business!

There are times in our life when we need a ‘reliable’ outsider’s view, guidance, and encouragement.

Very often, if we are not vigilant and aware of what is going on in our life, and how situations are affecting us, these times can manifest as highly stressful episodes.  Are you aware that 80% of our stress hormones are found in our gut?

If we put off facing up to these ‘hiccuppy’ moments they can quickly lead to a number of health issues, along with the inability to cope with your life, your business, and lead to a sense of total overwhelm!

Sorting these issues out as quickly as possible will stop the ‘downward spiral’ that often leads to complete burn-out, and subsequently income issues and relationship problems.

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“I had been mentally wrestling (for some time) with an issue and it was starting to affect my business productivity. Judith came to the rescue and stepped me through a process which was very relaxing and I am still amazed at how effective the outcome!

Suddenly the concerns that were stopping me from throwing my heart and soul into my work were gone.

It has now been well over a week since our short phone consultation and I’m still feeling renewed enthusiasm and motivation. Productivity is up and I love my work again!”

Stephanie Royds, Castle Rock Design

“I was having difficulty with sorting out my business and financial goals and, because of that, I was ‘losing myself’.

The problem that then arose was difficulties with relationships (right across the board) as I found I wasn’t able to make decisive decisions, about anything, anymore. Procrastination became the easiest way to survive.

Now I have Judith ‘working in my corner’ I’m focusing so much more clearly. And my love, and energy for, my business has been revived!”

PS “I’m also looking so much younger and people can see I’m so much happier!”

Michelle, self-employed businesswoman

”I discovered Judith & Positive Life Balance years ago when I was living in a particularly negative space & craving something to help me out of it. Living a life of blame & excuses was making me very ill.

What Judith does is give you the tools you need to sort it out yourself with the support your body asks for.

I consider myself very lucky to have found someone who can explain, listen, treat, support and understand things that make absolutely no sense to me. The more you see Judith, the more you begin to understand things. Friends I have recommended to her have all been in agreement – she shifts issues.

Deep down you know what is right for you, voicing it & doing it requires coaching & courage and with Judith you get both. Positive Life Balance gives you just that!“

Elle A-J, self-employed businesswoman

”What a HUGE improvement there has been since I first saw you, just one month ago!

Everything at work is flowing better. I’m achieving everything I set for the day, productivity is up and I don’t get overwhelmed any more… Now I don’t need to ‘steal’ time from my home life in order to complete everything.

What amazes me is that it was SO easy to make the changes!”

Julie, 39 year old, self-employed businesswoman

You are the engine of your business and,  as with any engine, it needs looking after. Without a great engine your business may not travel the distance!

I’m not your usual business coach – and I could be the best coach you’ve called in for your business! Are we a good fit together? Maybe yes – maybe no.

Contact me right now for a 15 minute Free Strategy Session.

  • Considering making changes?

  • Wondering which direction you want to go?

  • Worried about finances?

If you’re feeling frazzled and frustrated, feel you sometimes don’t want to face the day (and would rather stay in bed and pull the covers over your head),  I  would love to speak to you.

Let’s discuss how I can help and get you leaping enthusiastically again! Remember the offer – the Complementary Strategy Session.

There’s nothing to lose – you can only gain from this opportunity! We can chat and suss out whether we really can work really well together.

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