I recently wrote this message for a special client who needs support right now and thought I’d share it here as it may be perfectly timed for you, too…

“Dear _________

I completely understand, and feel for you.

You may already know that you’re going through the (so called) ‘dark night of the soul’. Sometimes it’s called the ‘dark night of the ego’.

It’s when everything that we have always believed in, or thought is ‘true’ for us, is being stripped away so we can ‘start again’. Unfortunately it’s usually the most painful of experiences.

The best thing we can do when in this situation is to relax (so much easier said than done) and to do exactly what the image I shared a few days ago, suggests.

Hold on tight and know that you WILL come out the end and life WILL feel meaningful again and you WILL feel happy once more.

You’ll actually be able to look back on this time with a sense of awe and feel so much stronger for the experience.

We need this time to completely reset our way of thinking and reactions to life. This is when we need to constantly use the statement, “How fascinating.”

It is best there is no judgement about what is going on…it just ‘is’.

We have been so practised in our previous coping ways we can find that the more we try to hold on to our ‘old ways of thinking’ the longer it can take to come out the end…

This is the time to recognise that we really DO feel like crap. That we’re SUPPOSED to feel like crap because we HAVE to re-synch our ways of thinking and ‘being’ in order to move into our new life.

This is a version of the ‘mack truck’ that I have spoken about. We become ‘flattened’!

I’ve spent a bit of time this morning reading through a variety of articles for the one I hope will ‘speak’ to you. I hope I’ve chosen the right one.

Please know that this is the time to make sure you are being supported in a gentle and compassionate way.

You know I will always be here for you when you reach out.

With love and support. Judith xx ” ??