Electromagnetic Stress & Personal Resonators


We learn more about the concerning effects of Electromagnetic Stress every week and it appears that we may now be able do something to support our body's systems when it is subjected to the negative effects of these vibrations. The

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Artificial Sweeteners – Particularly Aspartame


I’ve always hesitated to become overly dramatic about substances and foods as, depending on which study you read, you're going to hear such varying views. However... Back in 1997, when I started my Kinesiology studies in the UK, I

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Kinesiology Balancing Techniques with Judith Paterson


This series of rubbings of the acupuncture meridian points has been a life saver and motivational tool for so many of my clients. (And me, too!) Once people get into the swing of running through these each day they find

Kinesiology Balancing Techniques with Judith Paterson2018-10-07T04:49:09+12:00