Fat vs Carbs – Have We Been ‘Doing it Wrong’?


My personal choice of dietary intake is a combination of the 'Mediterranean diet' and intermittent 'fasting'. That translates to vegetables, fish, chicken, PLENTY of HEALTHY fats and - if I don't feel hungry - I don't eat.  Some days I

Fat vs Carbs – Have We Been ‘Doing it Wrong’?2017-11-26T01:27:57+12:00

Why are People with Cancer taking Salvestrols?


Kinesiologist, Judith Paterson, from Positive Life Balance, and Dave Vousden, from Salvacare NZ, discuss the reasons why people with cancer are taking Salvestrols. What are they? How are they produced? Why are they seemingly so effective? Dave's experience

Why are People with Cancer taking Salvestrols?2019-11-12T08:55:45+12:00

Artificial Sweeteners – Particularly Aspartame


I’ve always hesitated to become overly dramatic about substances and foods as, depending on which study you read, you're going to hear such varying views. However... Back in 1997, when I started my Kinesiology studies in the UK, I

Artificial Sweeteners – Particularly Aspartame2019-11-20T08:01:36+12:00