Improving Skin Conditions Can Raise Our Confidence Levels


What if you'd had eczema from a very young age and nothing seemed to work to remove it? What if you had  recurring skin irritation that  wasn't responding to treatment? This young woman sought my support on 28 March 2018

Improving Skin Conditions Can Raise Our Confidence Levels2018-05-11T02:49:32+12:00

Post ‘Sugar Free Farm’ interviews…


Alison Hammond and Stavros Flatley are interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, from UK's ITV, and  reveal how going 'sugar free' has had an amazing effect on their lives. The 'I Reduced Sugar' process allows you to achieve what

Post ‘Sugar Free Farm’ interviews…2019-01-14T21:50:58+12:00

What If You’re ‘Ebbing’ Rather than ‘Flowing’?


Sometimes we can feel 'down' for absolutely no (apparent) reason. Don't feel bad about feeling this way. Life is all about ebb and flow - sometime we flow and sometime we 'ebb'! When I use Kinesiology to 'balance' a person

What If You’re ‘Ebbing’ Rather than ‘Flowing’?2018-05-04T00:50:07+12:00

Negative Emotions CAN Be Washed Away!


Sometimes life can just seem 'hard', 'impossible' and downright 'unfair'. It's what we do with it that makes the difference. There has been a move over the past few years to appear to make life, and business, seem SO smooth,

Negative Emotions CAN Be Washed Away!2019-11-19T13:52:51+12:00

Electromagnetic Stress & Personal Resonators


We learn more about the concerning effects of Electromagnetic Stress every week and it appears that we may now be able do something to support our body's systems when it is subjected to the negative effects of these vibrations. The

Electromagnetic Stress & Personal Resonators2018-03-12T20:59:04+12:00