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I’d love you to join our positive & spirited ‘membership group’!

I’ve created this Facebook group to support people in their ongoing desire to continue to be a positive person, with spirit!

If you’re wanting to feel motivated, more confident and learn heaps of great techniques I use in the clinic…
you may have just found your happy place, and a place to increase all aspects of your health.

Recently the world threw us a ‘bit of a wobbly’ and it became clear that most people thrived better when they knew
they had a sense of support around them.
You’ll find opportunities in this group to learn, and share experiences…along with a
sense of creating a shared feeling of ‘togetherness’.

I’d like you to feel a sense of security, knowing that the information that is shared here is based
not only in science, but from an ‘energetic’, positive and ‘spirited’ perspective.

You’ll be introduced to all sorts of fabulous techniques I have learnt over many years.

This is the opportunity to connect (via a Facebook group) with a bunch of really nice people, who also
realise they may be thinking and feeling differently to some of their friends.

You know that –
You’re OK – and your friends are OK, but you also know it’s time to stretch your way of thinking.

My intention is that you know you’re in a comfortable and safe space.
If you need to ‘reach out’ at times this group is for you!
Feeling confident to ask questions and express yourself fully – without judgement.

Yes! I want to join Spirited Positivity Membership FREE for a month!
Our Membership is for you if:
  • You’d love to have great tips & advice (on an ongoing basis) on how to approach your life from a different perspective to what you may have, in the past.
  • You want to join with a group of down-to-earth people who think and feel similarly to you.
  • You’re keen to learn as much as you can, as you have reached that point in your life where ‘enough’ is now NOT ‘enough’.
  • You’d like to extend your horizons and get some new ideas about how to live with a new sense of wonder.
Looking for new horizons

I’m trying to write this so you know this is a group that is definitely ‘feet on the ground’ and yet open to learning new ideas. The best idea is probably to try it out and see if it fits for what you’re wanting at the moment.

What members are saying… 

“Hi Judith, the video of the quick test with swaying came through this afternoon .. and I just wanted to let you know , it has already been a helpful tool – thank you! ” Janelle

“This afternoon I tried this experiment that Judith shared with me this morning. Basically the experiment tells you how long it takes you to fall asleep.
It took me 13 minutes 39 seconds and I slept for 1 hour 20 minutes!! Thanks Judith” Fiona

“Hi Judith. I enjoy being part of a group that is like minded and open to new ideas. The videos and emails are a great reminder to try the new techniques and enjoy new found feelings of positivity and clarity.” Anne

“It’s good to get memory joggers & little tips to help me live above the line.”  Christine

What’s included in our Membership?

There will be some added special offers at times and you can take up these opportunities if, and when, it suits you.

You will have access to some amazing content and information, including:

A big ‘Hello’,  from Judith Paterson

Hi there,

I’m a Life Coach and Registered Kinesiologist… A former teacher and Sports Therapist, I’ve now been in the health profession for nigh on 30years! (Good grief!)

I get my greatest pleasure from being able to guide and support people as they become fully aware that there’s more to life than just routine patterns from day to day, and would like to dip their toe into new learnings and ways of embracing life more fully.

You really can do this and still live in the ‘real world’.

So – how to help people achieve a healthy state they’re desiring, in the quickest possible time? Work out how to introduce new ideas and then support the new changes in as many ways as possible.

My ‘Why’ in life is to help people create a sense of joy right now… not just in the future – right NOW!

I’ve been around for a long time and have experienced a number of ‘situations’ that allows me to have a sense of awareness, understanding and empathy when others find themselves in similar circumstances.

As a Registered Kinesiologist and ‘Life Tour Guide’ I’ve been helping my clients as they navigate their way through the ‘bumps and hiccups’ of Life’s journey.

It’s time to open up to another realm and support more people in a completely new way.

Much love,

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