AUCKLAND | Sunday 17 March 2019| 9AM – 2PM


Others telling you how YOU feel & that you’re too sensitive?
What CAN you do?


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Sunday 17 March 2019


Do you often feel fed up and frustrated that:

  • People often don’t seem to ‘hear’ you – particularly in group situations?

  • You’re unable to get across to others how you really feel?

  • When trying to get your point across you start to ‘waffle’ and end up just stopping in mid sentence?

  • Family ‘discussions’ can frequently turn into arguments and you can’t bear confrontation?

  • Personal relationships seem to create so much stress you decide it’s easier to stay single?

  • You can feel vulnerable and insecure when talking in a group of people?

  • You have difficulty writing emails and letters as you can’t express yourself clearly?

Yes! I want to learn to communicate positively


Positive Communication is the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WAY to be heard!


Ever feel scared that people won’t like you if you speak up?

Do you sense people may even feel intimidated by you at times?

What happens when you ‘bottle things up’ rather than being able to express your feelings?

Feel worried about not appearing professional – and looking like a ‘novice’ in business negotiations?

“What might a possible business contact think if I stumble over my words when expressing my thoughts?

“How can I write the email to tell them what I really think and not sound rude?”

Why learn ‘Positive Communication’?

  • Positive Communication is fun to learn!
  • Positive Communication will provide you with tools to last a lifetime.

  • Positive Communication is the easy way to allow others to ‘hear’ you and to understand you.

  • Positive Communication leads to greater respect, support, understanding and cooperation.

Ever been told, “You’re too emotional and so it’s impossible to talk to you.” ?
Ever been told, “Take a chill pill!” ?
Ever been told, “Good grief – it’s time you got a sense of humour!” ?
Ever been challenged that you’re ‘overreacting’??

Did you know there’s a special name that describes how people can attempt to ‘control’ you in this way? It’s ‘GASLIGHTING’!!

Even when you recognise it – would you know what to say to dissolve that situation?

The issues that create the fear about speaking up, and the stress about not being heard, can be sorted speedily… when you know how and can practise the techniques in a safe situation!!

You’ll be able to…

  • Lift your self-esteem
  • Feel truly confident

  • Lose anxiety

  • Find your ideal partner

  • Know you’ll be heard

  • Ask for a pay increase

  • Confidently apply for jobs

  • Represent your business with poise

  • Stand up to workplace ‘bullies’

  • Express your feelings to your partner

  • Feel valued

  • Know your children hear you (at last!)

  • Get the most from your students.

  • Reduce stress


know that your opinion is important and matters! 

Yes! I NEED to learn to communicate positively!

Your Host – Judith Paterson, Registered Kinesiologist

Positive Life Balance Judith Paterson

“Having trained in Classical Kinesiology while living in the UK, I returned to New Zealand in 2001 and set up a clinic addressing many aspects of health and wellness.

My mission: “To provide the opportunity for you to create the life you want. By considering a variety of ‘travel approaches’ you can then make informed decisions about your own, unique, journey and you’ll have the guidance you need.”

As a ‘Life Tour Guide’ I help my clients as they navigate their way through their life journey.

This special, Positive Communication day is designed to support your emotions, your sense of empowerment, and the way you approach life in general.

Once others understand how you feel you will lose the stress that comes from being misunderstood, ‘not heard’, unsupported and, often not as respected as you would wish.

Sometime we may not verbalise our thoughts, our feelings, and our needs as clearly as we would like. Now that can be turned around!

I look forward to supporting you with your Positive Communication!”


Your Investment

Why should you rush to invest $147 for this valuable day?

  • You’ll develop greater confidence in ALL AREAS of your life!

  • You’ll make new friends and have a fabulous time!

  • This is a ’boutique event’ limited to a maximum of 10 people!

  • Plenty of practise during the day.

  • There’s yummy food! 

How many times have you practised exactly what you want to say and then, when when you open your mouth your mind goes blank?

This will make it easy for you to say exactly what you want to say, allow people to hear you AND get the results you’re wanting!

The great thing about the Positive Communication system is that, as you’re working out how to speak to somebody else, you’ll learn SO much about yourself in the process.

Many people (myself included) often use this as a way to clear ‘blocked’ issues from the past.

So – what will you get? 

  • A comprehensive manual

  • Awesome coaching!

  • Healthy, yummy food at morning tea

  • Follow up and support after the event

  • Fun and new friends (who will all know how to talk to you without causing you stress!!!) LOL

Yes, I will join you on the 17 March!

Remember – the Positive Communication day is limited to ONLY 10 attendees!!

You will learn what most people will never discover…

“The 4 Important Steps that will TRULY Increase Your Self-Confidence & Social Life”  

  • The secrets that stop our clear communication

  • Ways to rapidly reduce stress levels

  • How to determine what to say and when to say it

  • Why you REALLY feel what you feel

I have carefully designed this day with you in mind. I want you to feel the greater confidence that comes with being able to speak with authority, with aplomb (I love that word!), and with assertiveness! 

There will not be an aggressive word in earshot!   

You may find it hard to believe right at this moment but I promise you’ll feel completely different by the end of the day.

What People are saying about the
Positive Communication Event


“My husband ‘heard’ me…”

“My husband ‘heard’ me – for the first time in years – and I realised that he had never known what it was I really DID want from him, as I hadn’t explained myself clearly!”



“… I’m able to express myself clearly”

“At last I’m able to fully express myself clearly and I’m feeling far more respected at work because of it.”



“My children weren’t hearing me…”

“After years of trying to get my children to ‘hear’ me… I realised I wasn’t speaking so they could!
The joy of actually realising how I was feeling and then expressing myself clearly, was the light bulb experience for me! My children and I are now working together!”


“…I truly accepted I wasn’t going mad!”

“I had been told at times, over the years, that I was ‘too emotional’, I was ‘over reacting’ and ‘so defensive’. What a difference it made to my life to learn why these descriptions were being used, how to deal with such statements, and to truly accept I wasn’t going mad!”



My promise to you is to help you find the confident and assertive person that’s inside you!

Let’s create a real change in the hours we have together.

I can guarantee you will learn how to leave the fears of the ‘old’, ‘uncertain you’ behind when you leave at the end of the day!

Imagine what you’ll be able to achieve with all the extra confidence you’ll develop!

There’ll be more fabulous fun times with that confidence, too, as you’ll be able to express yourself clearly and people will really get to know the fantastic person you are!

This is the time to make changes so the next 12 months will be your ‘BEST EVER’!!

Join us NOW – don’t wait a minute longer! Ask a special friend to join up, too. It’s always wonderful if you can encourage somebody else – it creates extra support.

Pass this information along to them now…  

Let’s start a positive revolution!

BOOK NOW – Only $147


Get ready to make the changes you want, for yourself, your life, and the special people who matter to you.

Families deserve to be surrounded with the words and love that allows for the greatest positive growth and achievements.

When you speak your truth, with love, and clarity, you will also aid the growth of others.