Feeling tired, stressed, and even a bit fearful?
Has ‘Life’ come out of left-field BIG TIME?
Needing a ‘coach with a different approach’?


New Horizons – How Do You Want To Feel?

Ever felt that ‘setting goals’ is a really scary thought? (I know I have)

So – let’s change the word GOALS to FEELINGS!

Let’s try it now…

“How do you want to be FEELING in 3 month’s time? 6 months? and 12 months?”

THOSE questions are often a lot easier to answer than, “What do you want to achieve?”

The next question then becomes pretty straightforward:

“What needs to be changed NOW in order to achieve those feelings THEN?”

When I asked myself this second question I immediately realised that the first thing I needed was a guide, and advocate, in order to help me take the next steps on my journey.


Let’s find out:

  • What works for you

  • What doesn’t (and how to change it)

  • Discover your true values & purpose in life which will then…

Give you the ‘creative control’ in your life which then opens up so many more choices!

I can be there for you as you travel your journey. Like a tour guide, I’ve ‘been there, done that’ for many years and have experienced a great deal along the way…

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau

“I have seen Judith’s magic at work many times and know that she works with both integrity and professionalism. She achieves results every time for her clients and assists them on their journey to health and wellness.”


I’ve found that sometimes life can seem a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.

We can make the pieces fit if we force them into a space but, if we do this, and then lightly run our hand over the completed puzzle, that forced-in piece will always stick out!

Often, even if it’s hard to do, we need to review the pieces in our life that aren’t quite fitting in, rearrange them ever so slightly, and then the full picture will shine in all it’s glory.

Are you ready to shine? Of course you are!

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