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Certain foods which, on the surface, sound great for us can often trigger digestive issues that can lead to bloating, inflammation, IBS symptoms, digestive pain, skin issues, insomnia or tiredness and, even more importantly, anxiety!

Determining which foods are the ‘culprits’ can be an eye-opening, and life-changing, experience for many people. There is a distinct difference between food intolerances and food allergies!

Allergies normally show up as a very rapid reaction to the ingested food, and the confirmation of this would usually be through a blood test.

Food intolerances, however, will often show as a ‘sneaky irritant’ (of various severities) that may not even be discovered until adulthood. This can then completely change a person’s life when they realise that symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy, stomach cramps, pain etc, that they have experienced since childhood, suddenly disappear when they remove a particular food. These ‘intolerances’ will not normally show up in a blood test.

The testing is a very non-invasive process and positive results, after removing the foods from the diet, can often be experienced within 24 hours!

Please feel free to contact me if you suspect either you, or your child may have a food intolerance. It always seems so cruel to remove foods from a person’s diet in order to try to determine which (if any of them) are the ‘culprits’!

I remember a mother (who had been clearly diagnosed as coeliac) bringing her teenage son to see me. He had started to develop similar symptoms as she had suffered for years and, perfectly naturally, she assumed he had ‘inherited’ her genetic make up.

She changed his diet to the same as hers – removing all gluten – only to find he was getting far worse.

A quick test in the clinic showed that he was absolutely fine with gluten – HIS problem was with corn and maize!!

The 16year old then exclaimed, “OMG – that explains why I always feel absolutely dreadful after going to the cinema!” … Yes – the popcorn was creating havoc with his system!

“I’ve been to see Judith on a number of occasions. I find her testing quick and accurate. By being able to eliminating the foods that were making me feel tired, bloated and just yuck it has made a huge difference to how I’m feeling. I’m no longer getting the bad stomach pains and bloating that I use to have after eating. She has also helped me with balancing my emotions ???? Judith is a really great find, I’d recommend her to anyone.”


Sue experienced wonderful results after having a food intolerance test.

This is a truly stress-free system of testing for food intolerances. (Yes, there is a difference between intolerances and allergies.)

Sick of feeling burnt-out, bloated and bitchy and wanting to feel energetic and enthusiastic?

Let’s get rid of the guesswork and find out if certain foods are causing your tiredness, bloating, reflux, pain, skin problems, anxiety and other issues.

Rather than trialling things and taking out food groups for weeks, and months, in the hope you’ll stumble on something that works, let’s test and you’ll know immediately!

During a 45 minute consultation I will introduce you to a selection of quick Energy & Confidence uplifting techniques and will test for possible food intolerances using Kinesiology (muscle testing).

I have an excellent selection of food testing vials (200+) and, if you have specific processed foods, such as protein powders, muesli bars or some uncommon foods you like to eat, please feel free to bring them with you on the day.

“I cannot recommend Judith highly enough. She was spot on with my food intolerances and other kinesiology testing. I noticed huge changes in my energy levels immediately but the main one was the change in my emotions – they have evened out considerably – say goodbye to PMS! I always come away feeling positive and focused after seeing Judith.

Get off those diet and emotional roller coasters and go and see Judith to get ‘sorted out’ – I promise you won’t regret it.”


“I went to see Judith about food intolerances, I was sceptical at the start but was amazed at the techniques she used to figure out what foods my body didn’t enjoy. The appointment was only for an hour but we covered everything in that time and I had all my food intolerances identified. Since going to Judith I have had a new lease on life and am so glad I went to see her. Can’t recommend her enough, if you have a digestive issue Judith is the one to go see!”


”I knew, when a friend told me about seeing Judith, I wanted the same! Eczema is painful and to see someone’s life change dramatically, I was prepared to try it. The change was immediate – taking away the foods my system hasn’t been able to process all these years, melted away stress. I feel alive, light, smaller and energised. It’s a whole new me!! I already know I will need a new wardrobe as I am ‘shrinking’ for the first time in many years AND no bloating, pain etc THANK YOU Judith!“


”Judith has been a huge part of my life for the last 7 years. Kinesiology has been life changing and the food intolerance testing has made a huge difference to what I have been eating. The joy of it is, most of the time your body just needs a break from a food and after a while is more than happy to have it again. I was very sensitive to lamb for years and now can quite happily eat it again. The thing is, your body knows what you do and don’t like and by contacting Jude, little changes make a huge difference.”


Nutritional Advice

Many clients are surprised to find that commonly held beliefs about diet have been superseded over the years and often haven’t yet filtered through the media in order for them to be understood and adopted.

I spend many hours trawling through the latest studies and comparing the benefits vs the logistics of adapting to a new way of eating. Sometimes changes need to be taken up slowly rather than with a hiss and a roar.

Knowing what foods may be creating stress within the body will help in this area of health – which is why people frequently value the opportunity to test for food intolerances.

Burnt out? Bloated? Bitchy? Sound like someone you know? Been told you have IBS?

How quickly these conditions can often be turned right around when food intolerances are checked, identified, and then removed from your diet.

Following the advice on what sort of food to eat will give you back your zest for life and the young kids around you will never be able to keep up with you!

Needing more convincing? Contact Judith now and have a chat. 

I Reduced Sugar

One of the biggest, and most positive changes we can make when wanting to make healthy changes is to reduce our sugar consumption.

It’s actually a lot less stressful than you think to make this life-changing move.

I recommend you skip over, right now, to the I Reduced Sugar site to learn more about how you can lose the tiredness, become more energetic, sleep so much better, rid yourself of skin blemishes, and reduce the chance of developing diabetes by up to 83%.


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