It frequently seems that, by balancing our electrical, emotional and physical systems and our chakras (think of these as data bases or library catalogues), then there may not need many, or any, supplements.

Taking the wrong supplement, or more than is required, may place your body under as much (or even more) stress than if you weren’t taking any supplements at all.

As your body is always wanting to be ‘in balance’ it has to work extra hard to rid itself of any unwanted supplements.

I recommend you pop to your ‘supplement cupboard’ right now and check to see how many are sitting there half used or, maybe, not even opened! How much money have you invested in them over the years?

Clients who seek out Kinesiology sessions invariably find they actually save money as they are not trialing and testing, in a DIY way, a lot of supplements in the desperate hope there will be a positive change.