During the initial 75 – 90 minute consultation, I will assess the information you have provided in the in-depth Health Screening Record. This determines exactly WHY you have sought support, and then we lead straight into a treatment session.

This initial session assesses the balance of the body systems, and establishes how any imbalances are affecting the system’s performance.

‘Speaking’ to your body in this way allows it to do its own ‘balancing’ and take the first steps towards better health.

You will head home after this session with all sorts of exciting (quick and easy for you) things so you can keep the treatments going after the initial session. I will write everything down so you don’t have to try to remember what you have learnt!

At any follow up session (usually 60minutes) your progress will continually be checked, with the aim being to continue to address the causes of the dis-ease, rather than just the symptoms.

The emphasis is on energy balancing techniques to help ensure great emotional, electrical, chemical and physical wellbeing.

People often ask, “How long will it take to see changes?” My answer is always, “It depends.”…

How long have the symptoms been there?
How fed up with them are you?
How is it affecting your day to day life?
Are you open to ‘working with me’ on your journey to make the changes you want? (It’s going to be a bit different to  – “Take this pill and come back and see me in three days time if it hasn’t worked.”)

I’m your supporter and guide… I can ‘hold the space’ for your changes as you come to the understanding and belief that – YES – you can do this!