How much better would your life and business run if you had someone looking after YOU?

Overwhelm hits all of us at times, and many business owners are inclined to forget they really are the ‘engine’ of their business.

We know that if we forget to put petrol in our car, and have serviced regularly, we’re not going to get very far… and may come to a grinding halt very quickly.
So… why do we often treat ourselves worse than our car?
Businesswomen seem to be the worst – sorry ladies but it’s true! We’re inclined to put everybody else first and then look after ourselves as an afterthought. The stress builds up until our ‘engine’ blows!

By the time I meet some women they really are feeling burnt-out, often bloated, and, frequently, thoroughly bitchy!

Usually they have absolutely no idea of the true reasons. It’s the hidden obstacles that are real root of the problems.

Not only is their business suffering, from lack of passion, income, and time – their health and family life can reach such a stage that they end up feeling there’s even little hope of being able to salvage either their marriage, or the loving connection with their children.
The most common complaint is that ‘nobody understands them’, ‘they’re not heard’ and they feel as though they have ‘lost’ the loving and lively person that they knew they were, some time ago!

Where did the youthful woman go who had such a passion for life, her partner, and life in general?

When I ask them what brought on this whole situation it’s rarely something that happened ‘overnight’. Usually it’s been a slow (and subtle) build up of situations that have been allowed to ‘get under the skin’, until eventually the pimple of anger, resentment, and plain exhaustion boils up, and explodes out!

“How long?”  comes the cry…

  • “How long do I have to put up with this?”
  • “Will I ever feel like ‘ME’ again?”
  • “Will life ever feel worth living once more and should I just chuck in my business and go and get a ‘real’ job?”

HOLD ON – help really is here! It’s amazing that our bodies are so remarkable that just a little help can result in the most incredible results – quickly and easily.


The end of the year is approaching FAST and, with that, stresses can escalate! 

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