The Tears of Our Fears

Why do I love to watch 'Long Lost Family'... when I know the emotions will always make me cry (happy tears)? What is it that touches our heart, that triggers, sometimes long forgotten, 'memories' and moves us - creating a [...]

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‘Creating Confident Women’

That was the title of the presentation focussing on building self-confidence, self-empowerment and 'courage' that I presented, in two episodes, at St Dominic's College just recently. Really it could just as easily be entitled 'Creating Confident People' as it is [...]

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Where Are You Today?

When you’re living with others it can be very difficult at times to determine exactly how to handle the different personalities, day to day. I’ve found this poster a fun, and brilliant, way to allow people to let others how [...]

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Lylah – the Mini Ninja Warrior!

I just love this! What a kid - and what a dad, to build this course to encourage his daughter to become courageous and brave! It's wonderful to see parents creating opportunities for their children to stretch themselves both physically [...]

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