As a nation we need to be asking ourselves this question!

New Zealand chef, Simon Gault, found out some really concerning facts when he became the ‘poster person’ for a new, three part, documentary featured on Prime TV on Sunday evenings.

All those who have taken part in the 21Day Easy, Step-by-step ‘I Reduced Sugar’ process will recognise every point that was mentioned.

They will already be far further ahead than Simon was, in the first of three parts, in their understanding of what it is that causes our health to be compromised and what can be done.

If you’re ready to reduce your chances of heart problems, diabetes, cancer, fatty liver, anxiety and depression, insomnia, painful muscles and joints, constant infections, obesity, exhaustion, acne…  and to make the change for a longer and happier life with greater choices, then please check out the next group opportunity to join ‘I Reduced Sugar’.  

I’ll be personally supporting the group every day for the full 21 days.

We’re starting on Monday 30 October.

Ready to watch Part One of  ‘Why Are We Fat?

Check out the documentary and then come straight back to this page to share this with your friends and family!

Part One of  ‘Why Are We Fat?’ Watch it here! 


[Apologies… You will probably not be able to view this documentary if you’re not in New Zealand. I’ve tried everything in order for you to be able to, but with no luck. You can, however go to the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ page and get EXACTLY the same information that was shared in the documentary.]

At the moment you can also watch ‘That Sugar Film’ on You Tube!