Kinesiologist, Judith Paterson, from Positive Life Balance, and Dave Vousden, from Salvacare NZ, discuss the reasons why people with cancer are taking Salvestrols.

What are they? How are they produced? Why are they seemingly so effective?

Dave’s experience with pancreatic cancer lead him to search for something to address the cancer cells without killing off other cells.

As a Kinesiologist,  Judith had been aware of  the positive results of salvestrols and, when she was diagnosed as having bowel cancer (despite all her healthy living), she decided this was her chance to test these out for herself.

Both Dave and Judith have had really positive experiences with these amazing capsules. When this article was originally written in April 2016, Dave was five years clear of any ‘hiccups’ and Judith was coming up three years.

This post is being updated on November 12, 2019. In January 2020 Judith will have reached the seemingly (to others)  ‘important’ 5year mark. Dave is still bouncing along enthusiastically and Judith has continued to embrace life without thought of ‘dates’ and ‘milestones’.

As far as mentioning the Salvestrols, both Dave and Judith work on the principle of… provide information so people can make their own decisions.