I watched a very interesting video last week and it got me thinking… Deeply….

There are so many ways to live a life and we all have variations on a theme. This video stirred something inside of me and so I added it to my latest newsletter AND a Facebook post!
What are the thoughts of five women of varying ages (but definitely ‘older’) with regard to what they would give up now, to have something from the past. Do you feel the same?

Even though it pains me to say it, I guess I would be now considered an older woman – IF we look ONLY at chronological age… Should I be having regrets?

Several people have actually asked me during the past twelve months when I’m looking to retire! OMG – there is still far too much to enjoy in my role as health educator and advocate before I consider retiring!

As a self-employed ‘woman on a mission’ the questions the video raised in me were things like, “Are they right?” “Do I think like them now?”, “Will I feel the same in the future?”

Today I attended a wonderful ‘working event’ run by my business coach, Catherine Newton, entitled “Prosperity and Productivity”.

All fifteen of us are ‘business women on a mission’ and it struck me, as I looked around the room, that we were all there because we are aiming to make a positive difference to others in whatever way we can; to make the most of the talents we have and to learn more about ourselves as we do so.

The other wonderful ladies think very similarly to me – they’re friendly, supportive, fun and open to new ways to make their business more effective, and able to reach more people in order to provide the most valuable service possible.

When I’m videoed (in thirty years time!) and look back on my life, I hope to be able to say,

“I lived my life the best way I could.
My intention was always to provide the best service I could, for as many people as possible, and I learnt so much along the way.
I developed great personal friendships with people I met in business and we worked with honesty, integrity, and love for the people we served.
We all ‘played’ in our businesses, we were adaptable, we had fun and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I achieved more when I allowed my life to flow, when I allowed myself to ‘be’ and let my Soul guide me.

Some things worked better than others, sometimes adaptations needed to be made to bring me back on track on my journey.

I embraced new technologies, continued to learn new ways of doing business, and learnt from others.

I kept my brain active and ‘enquiring’, right to the end.

Best of all – I surrounded myself with people who encouraged me to be the best I could be.”

Whatever you do in life, I encourage you to always be assessing whether the people, (and the situations), you are involved with are serving you well and whether you are enjoying your journey.

If you’re not – CHANGE what needs to be changed, as soon as you can, and increase that which you are enjoying.

Your life journey is yours… Yours alone… Please make the most of it!