Did you know that it’s all about money – and control?

So says Garry Gordon MD in his forward to Dr Thomas Levy’s book ‘The Primal Panacea’. He also reports that, “Most drugs only mask symptoms, ignoring the real underlying causes of disease, all the while generating new illnesses and conditions that will require another drug.”

When the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that the leading cause of death in the US is from…
fatal adverse drug reactions, we have to ask whether the 5 or more drugs that are frequently taken at a time by more than 10% of all Americans is something that should concern us.

The Australasian Integrative Medicine Association’s (AIMA) Conference last weekend (28 & 29 April 2012) addressed these concerns and concentrated on one Vitamin that may well be, as Thomas Levy MD feels, the fundamental and universal remedy.

Did you know that apes, guinea pigs and humans are the only members of the animal kingdom who do not manufacture their own stores of Vitamin C? And – that when all other animals are under stress they produce even greater amounts of this seeming ‘wonder drug’?

New Zealand and Australia hit the news headlines around the world in 2010 when a 60 Minutes documentary revealed questionable behaviour in hospitals when the intensive care specialists initially refused to allow the administration of Vit C saying there was no point in trying as he was inevitably going to die. A young Australian woman DID die – after Vitamin C was removed from her treatment.

If you didn’t see the documentary at the time, or would like to be reminded of the almost ‘fanatical’ behaviour within the Auckland Hospital, you can view NZ farmer Allan Smith’s journey. (It was great to hear him speak at the AIMA Conference.)

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