Why do I love to watch ‘Long Lost Family’… when I know the emotions will always make me cry (happy tears)?

What is it that touches our heart, that triggers, sometimes long forgotten, ‘memories’ and moves us – creating a sense of heightened emotional outpouring?

What films bring up the same sorts of emotions in you – even if you’ve seen the same film several times?

Yesterday friends and I were discussing ‘Mamma Mia – Here We Go Again’, and agreeing it’s imperative to take wads of tissues! ?

Sometimes we won’t allow ourselves to own our own emotions, and we’ll even shove them down inside, but we are ‘ok’ to have them stirred up by another’s story.

At some stage you may have heard somebody mention that we have some energy areas in our body called chakras.

Simply explained, these chakras are like ‘data bases’ or a ‘library cataloguing system’. We are unaware of how everything that we have experienced is stored in these chakras.

My take on the emotions we feel when watching a film, reading a book or listening to an emotive piece of music is that the images / stories / music stir up the forgotten parts and allow us to feel our emotions ‘safely’.

I spend time with my clients allowing them to understand more about the ‘parts of us that we can’t see in the mirror’… the hidden parts that we can gently release in a down to earth manner.

By doing this they can then understand why certain experiences can stir up our world and we can quickly and, frequently easily, clear the ‘stuff’ we’ve been holding on to for years.

You may have felt a real stirring of emotions in the past week or so. This particular moon has stirred up a whirlpool of maybe forgotten thoughts and, the more empathic you are, the more you’ll have been affected.

Things in our life are always changing and I encourage you to find out more about why you may be feeling particularly unsettled at the moment.

Find out what you can do to embrace these feelings of uncertainty and move through them to finding the courageous person once again who embraces life’s experiences with a sense of bravery.

If these words have stirred up feelings within you and you’d like to have a complementary chat with me about how you can make the changes you’re wanting to make… please check out my website, https://positivelifebalance.com and send me a message.

This is a really easy decision you can make for a new beginning as you move into a new month.