I was talking to a friend the other day and she related a story of how her husband had reduced his cholesterol levels by giving up the statins and drinking a litre of Gunpowder Green Tea each day.

I’ve frequently read of the benefits of Green Tea (not being a tea drinker myself) and, having done more research I’ve come to the conclusion that the important bit for health is the  ‘Gunpowder’ bit that’s at the front of ‘green tea’!

This tea get’s its name from the fact the leaves curl up tightly when dry so they resemble ‘shot pellets’. They expand and flatten out when the hot water is poured on them.

With all the concerns I have about the horrid effects of statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) it’s certainly worth giving it a go… it can only help, as the tea is apparently an extremely good anti-oxidant.
  Even if you don’t go to the extent of 1 litre of Gunpowder green tea a day, 2 -3 cups may well be highly beneficial to your systems.

According to my reading it addresses:

Cardiovascular health & cholesterol formation

Gunpowder green tea is high in antioxidants, therefore ‘attacking’ free radicals. Consequently it helps to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it will help minimise cholesterol formation thus reducing the risk of coronary artery diseases. It is said that Gunpowder green tea also prevents the formation of blood clots.


Again because of the antioxidant present in gunpowder green tea it fights free radicals, thereby inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. The flavonoids, catechins and minerals present in this tea will help to improve the body’s metabolism too.

Weight loss

Green tea helps to boost your metabolic rate, thus assisting in burning fat. We need to understand that because Gunpowder Green Tea has a higher caffeine content than other types of green tea you can safely consume a cup of gunpowder green tea as a pre-workout drink but definitely avoid it before bed.

Type II diabetes

Gunpowder Green Tea helps to improve glucose tolerance and thus helps with the issues related to diabetes.  It is said that, by lowering the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it helps to prevent type II diabetes.