What if you’d had eczema from a very young age and nothing seemed to work to remove it?

What if you had  recurring skin irritation that  wasn’t responding to treatment?

This young woman sought my support on 28 March 2018 as she had been suffering from the skin issues shown in the photos. I applaud her for  helping others with the benefit of her experience and by allowing me to share these images.

Using Muscle Response testing, we found she had several food intolerances and we also determined which Flowers Remedies would help to reduce her daily stress levels.

She was magnificent and followed the recommendations – remove all the foods that are putting your body under stress, take the ‘Flower Remedies’ (a combination of Bach & Australian Bush flowers), reduce the amount of sugar, and ‘Live Above the Line’.

The sort of Kinesiology I practise is one of those therapies that requires a certain amount of support from the client.  There are people who seek treatment but are really just hoping I will be able to  wave a magic wand and it will all be sorted.

Not so this young woman! She embraced the opportunity and look at the results!

As you can see – what an incredible difference from 28 March to her next appointment only 17 days later on 14 April 2018.

This lovely client had always had to use steroid creams to help reduce the redness but she has not needed the cream since a few days after her initial consultation! (NB It’s important to mention that her face is clear of any make up.)

Yes – this really can be a result for you, too. If you would like to speak to discuss whether this form of support will suit you and your situation.