Negative thoughts only have power over us if we react to them.

Because our thoughts have a direct link to what happens to us in our day-to-day world it’s very important to make sure we keep our thoughts positive.

Worrying about things only creates stress, not solutions! Negative thoughts do us no good at all. So – what to do?

Our mind is always chattering to us, and that’s cool when its good chatter, but no help at all when it keeps babbling on with negative thoughts.

Thinking negative thoughts never helps us at all!

I’m involved with the John Kehoe ‘Mind Power’ seminar now being presented, world-wide, by Robin Banks and am particularly impressed with the suggestions that have been presented for getting rid of those negative thoughts that fill out mind with an endless chatter!!

When we have a negative thought enter our mind we can use four different techniques in order to shift it to a positive one. Try them all and find which techniques you like the best.

  1. Cut it off… And then replace the thought with a different thought. Often we will allow the negative thought to keep ‘talking’ to us and so we should just tell it to ‘shut up and go away’. Then start thinking of something else… anything else!
  2. Just observe the negative thought – as if somebody else is thinking it. Say to yourself “Wow – I’m thinking a negative thought… that’s interesting.” A negative thought only has power over us IF we let it. It has NO power unless we allow it to control us.
  3. Exaggerate the thought until it becomes ridiculous. Have fun with this and make any negative thought bigger and bigger until it becomes really stupid!!!
  4. Counteract the negative thought with its exact opposite. And so, as soon as you realise you’re thinking a negative thought, reverse it to the exact opposite. The brain can only think one thought at a time and so use the negative thought to your advantage to bounce from the negative to the positive.


All of these ideas will start to work better the more you practise them.

The key to long term success is consistency – as John and Robin say, some of those ‘weeds’ we have growing in our brain may take a number of ‘weedings’ to remove them – but they can be eradicated!!