BBC 15 February 2015

Irish Golfer Peter Lawrie says he suffered a huge slump in form while trying to address what he calls a fizzy drinks addiction.
The Irishman said he was drinking several litres of cola a day and had a near breakdown when he tried to quit.

Lawrie slumped from just outside the world’s top 100 players to a ranking of 896 at the end of 2014, such was his dramatic dip in form.

“I cut it out completely and went from such a high on sugar to a dramatic low,” he said. “I never recovered.”
Lawrie stopped drinking the fizzy drinks shortly after finishing 10th at the 2013 Irish Open.
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Judith’s comment:

The amount of soft drinks, and other sugary drinks, that are regularly consumed really concerns me.

It’s the AMOUNT of sugar that’s the issue. I’d still prefer people to use a tiny bit of sugar over any of the artificial sweeteners.
The more sugar we consume the more we crave.

Three quick hints: 

  • When you have a craving for something sweet eat some protein
  • Avoid low fat products – sugar is added in large amounts in order to enhance the taste
  • Eat regularly – your body will make better choices about what it REALLY needs if it’s not ‘starving’!