“We contacted Judith as one of our last resorts in the hope that she would be able to help our 8 year old daughter. She had been suffering from severe eczema and infections for around 2 years and was generally in very poor health. We felt we had tried everything to help her: she was at the doctors regularly, often weekly and spent almost a year on constant antibiotics to help combat the reoccurring infections.

She had also had treatment with a naturopath, homeopath, and a Chinese doctor to name just a few of the alternate therapists we had tried. Unfortunately none of these treatments resulted in any improvement and we were desperate.

Judith came very highly recommended and we immediately warmed to her welcoming, happy and positive disposition.

Her treatment was unlike anything Madison had experienced before and we left our first session excited and encouraged that we might finally have hope of cure for the eczema. As Judith taught us, the eczema was only a physical symptom for deeper problems which once identified were easily treated.

Madison has seen Judith on average every 3-4 weeks over the last 4 months or so. Her treatment has been completely painless and we have managed the minor changes to diet and lifestyle with

Who would have thought it was her favourite foods – carrots and apples – that were causing many of the physical issues!

Madison is now like a different child. She has lost her pale skin and dark eyes. She now radiates health and has the glow back in her beautiful skin we have not seen for years. We are so thrilled to know that Judith can help with any setback she may experience.

Judith has always been available for a chat and any concerns were easily discussed. Judith has always been extremely approachable and always made herself available for a call or appointment at short notice. I have complete faith and trust in Judith and she would definitely be the first person I would call if I, or any other family member, needed any physical or emotional support in the future. Many thanks,” –Lisa

Judith’s comment

Wow – It’s hard to believe that this case study goes back to the beginning of 2009! I have now seen all the family in the clinic and they pop back for consultations when required.

Madison was able to reintroduce the carrots and apples into her diet within a couple of months and there have been no more flare ups. In fact she has the most beautiful complexion.