This series of rubbings of the acupuncture meridian points has been a life saver and motivational tool for so many of my clients. (And me, too!)

Once people get into the swing of running through these each day they find their life changes so incredibly for the betterĀ – and so rapidly.

In effect – what we’re doing here is to reset any electrical short-circuiting that has taken place since the last time the meridian points were stimulated.

We are ‘electrical beings’ and, just like a house, when we overload our systems then fuses blow.

When we blow our fuses other meridians / wirings step in to try to counteract the stress and then they blow as well and we are on the downward spiral!

Start doing these regularly (it will take you about 10seconds when you know how) and you’ll feel amazing!!!

(As you can see, this video was filmed over 10years ago! I Keep promising to re-film it… and I WILL, but the routine will still be the same!)