From feeling ninety years old Constance moved to feeling in the ‘prime of her life’ in a few short weeks!!!

Is this what you would wish for yourself??

I first met Constance on 22 February 2011 when she took the opportunity of attending a special 45 min ‘Kinesiology taster’ session to check food intolerances and learn some quick tips to increase her energy and confidence levels. (See below for video interview)
At the time she expressed her concern that she felt 90 years old… And you may well ask, “What happened next?” and “How can Kinesiology possibly help shift more than 30 years in a few weeks?
1st Session. (45mins food intolerance test)

After finding that several foods were creating stress in her body Constance expressed her strong desire to ‘turn her life around’… She had been feeling awful for far too long and she was determined to make the changes that her body was ‘requesting’.

Having felt SO much better within only a few days of her short session, she decided she now wanted to see what else the Kinesiology testing could help with if we looked at emotions as well and so, a month later, on 21 March, Constance arrived back in the clinic and reported she now felt 30 years younger! She was feeling happier in herself and sleeping better, too!

2nd session (90mins)

At this session, using Kinesiology testing, we checked all 4 systems of her body (electrical, emotional, chemical and physical and we learnt far more about why Constance had been feeling so tired and stressed.

By the time Constance attended this session her breathing was considerably better. (This improvement had been clearly noticed by her physiotherapist daughter.)

Throughout this second session were constantly mindful of the medication Constance has been on for a number of years for heart problems.

The Flower Remedies that were selected by her body addressed emotions that went right back to childhood years and released subconscious beliefs that were holding her back in today’s world.

85% of all dis-ease within the body comes from our emotions, and 95 – 99% of our daily life is run subconsciously! So, by removing the old restrictive subconscious thoughts, we can start living our life to the full.

Almost in a ‘by the way’ scenario at the end of the session I used a few Sports Therapy techniques to release the tension in Constance’s left hip as she had mentioned she was in pain, and restricted, in her movements. She headed home after the session with some simple stretching exercises and I looked forward to hearing what would result.

3rd session (60mins)

When I saw Constance for a follow up session on 10 May she reported she was now feeling in the ‘prime of her life!

She was back to exercising at the gym several times a week, and her breathing had improved even more. AND… Without even working at it, she had lost 13kg since February!!

The great thing about Constance is she is taking ownership and responsibility for her own life and, with my ongoing support, has turned her life around quickly and easily!!!

I received this email 7 days after her most recent appointment…

27 May 2011

Hi Judith

You may be interested to hear that I went for my quarterly medical check-up this week. My doctor was astonished by the physical and mental improvement since he saw me last.

My Blood Pressure medication has now been decreased as a result. 
I did not tell him about my change in diet until the examination was fully completed.

Also, I am continuing to shed weight, which is a nice bonus.

Take care