The negative effects of electromagnetic fields were reported by the first Astronauts who, when in space, were no longer exposed to the natural vibration of the earth (Schumann waves). In the 1970s a device was introduced to spacecraft which simulates the Schumann waves.

This ‘disconnection’, can negatively affect us all… especially when we are surrounded by electrical equipment.

Electromagnetic stress can result in a number of symptoms,  including: insomnia, ongoing stress, an inability to concentrate, increased anxiety, depression, aggression, irritability, apathy, memory loss, skin problemsa, infertility, tinnitus, a depressed immune system leading to colds and flu, loss of appetite and nausea.

In an ‘ideal world’, we would avoid incurring imbalances in the first place and the ongoing protection is the purpose behind the Personal Resonators.

Each Personal Resonator is designed and made to mimic the Schumann resonance,  the natural frequency of Planet Earth. ( This is essential for our energy balance but easily lost within the electromagnetic smog emitted by modern living.

The primary function of the Personal Resonators is to provide an ongoing, gentle ‘balancing vibration’.

The Personal Resonators also make use of the powerful effect of ‘Quantum K’ energy that has been developed by Andrew Kemp. 

Each Personal Resonator is made in a highly controlled and protected environment to ensure the purest transfer of the ‘Quantum K’ energy from the therapist to the Resonator. For this reason they cannot be prepared in an automated factory process – the personal touch is both their strength and their protection.

The Resonators appear to be particularly effective at neutralising the effects of electromagnetic stress on the body. Cell phones, and other electrical equipment emit an extremely fast vibration which throws our bodies ‘out of balance’.

The recommendation is that a Resonator should always be kept close to the skin at all times, (maybe attached to the back of a watch or an item of jewellery), one attached to the inside battery cover of your mobile or portable home phone and also on the keyboard of your computer.

The apparent balancing and neutralising effect has been consistently demonstrated using Kinesiology muscle testing, and then captured superbly in the Kirlian photographs, which display the body’s aura. Follow the link to see 3 photos were taken within 10 minutes of each other.

A person can place one Personal Resonator close to their skin 24 hours of the day (perhaps attached to a watch or an item of jewellery) and other personal resonators could be used on items such as mobile phones, portable phones at home and work, the hairdryer, the closest point to you on your lap-top / computer. They can also be attached to a water filter, or water bottle, to help energetically balance the water before drinking.

The effects are subtle. Some very sensitive people can feel the effects very clearly and immediately, and if you keep one close to your skin you may also experience the benefit from their vibrational frequency, gaining ongoing protection, as well as support, from the ‘Quantum K’ energy.

Not only may the Personal Resonators be beneficial to you, but they are also an affordable, imaginative and health supporting present for friends and family. For more information on purchasing Personal Resonators click here.