We learn more about the concerning effects of Electromagnetic Stress every week and it appears that we may now be able do something to support our body’s systems when it is subjected to the negative effects of these vibrations.

The primary function of the Personal Resonators is to help provide a vibrational frequency that is vital to help bring our body back to the earth’s own vibration (the Schumann Resonance).

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Electromagnetic Stress can lead to many debilitating effects on our immune system.

These symptoms can include:
• insomnia
• ongoing stress
• an inability to concentrate
• verbal and written confusion
• memory loss
• increased anxiety
• depression
• aggression
• irritability
• apathy
• skin problems
• infertility
• tinnitus
• a depressed immune system leading to colds and flu
• loss of appetite and nausea.

The Personal Resonators make use of the powerful effect of ‘Quantum K’ energy that has been developed by Andrew Kemp.

As each Personal Resonator is made in a highly controlled and protected environment to ensure the purest transfer of the ‘Quantum K’ energy from the therapist to the Resonator they cannot be prepared in an automated factory process – the personal touch is both their strength and their protection.

In an ‘ideal world’, we would avoid incurring imbalances in the first place and the ongoing protection is the purpose behind the Personal Resonators.

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The Schumann Resonance is the natural frequency of the Earth, (first predicted mathematically by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952). This vibrational frequency is essential to balancing our body’s energies but easily lost within the electromagnetic smog emitted by modern living.

The negative effects of electromagnetic fields were reported by the first Astronauts who, when in space, were no longer exposed to the natural vibration of the earth (Schumann waves). They came back to earth ‘spaced out’! In the 1970s a device was introduced to spacecraft which simulates the Schumann waves.

This ‘disconnection’, can negatively affect us all… especially when we are surrounded by electrical equipment.

Remember… Electromagnetic stress can result in a number of symptoms.

The Personal Resonators appear to be effective at helping to neutralise the effects of electromagnetic stress from mobile phones, and other electrical equipment.

The recommendation is that one should always be kept close to the skin at all times, (maybe attached to the back of a watch or an item of jewellery), one attached to the inside battery cover of your mobile or portable home phone and also on the keyboard of your computer.

The apparent balancing and neutralising effect has been consistently demonstrated using Kinesiology muscle testing, and then captured superbly in the following Kirlian photographs, which display the body’s aura.

The following 3 photos were taken within 10 minutes of each other.

A Personal Resonator generates an ongoing, gentle balancing vibrational frequency.
In a very similar way to the ‘old fashioned’ radio capacitor. The vibration that is generated through the design of this tiny, yet extremely powerful, item has become an essential attachment to watches or jewellery for many people.

Control image – with no external influences“As you can see, the test subject has a reasonably balanced energy field, but with a left-sided distortion of the aura (due to a left-sided injury) and some uneven rotation in the chakras themselves. (The subject’s chakras being shown are their own ‘personal’ or ‘natural’ colours.)”

With the mobile phone introduced
(held between right shoulder and ear)”The body has now gone into ‘defensive stance’. The main effects are shown in the three chakras closest to the phone. You can see the channelling of an energy which is trying to negate or balance the effect of the cell phone. The bringing in of the turquoise, which is an anti-inflammatory colour, is trying to protect the body from an ‘oppressor’ – in this case the mobile phone.”

With mobile phone and Personal Resonators (One Personal Resonator is attached to the inside of the mobile’s cover, the other to a bangle worn by subject.) “The third picture shows the combined effect of a mobile phone and the 2 Personal Resonators. As you can see, the original colouring and symmetry have returned, and even improved, despite the fact there is a mobile phone next to the body… which should be upsetting the balance!

The aura is actually larger and denser than that in the control photo. It is shown, in this 3rd image, that the Personal Resonators appear to have not only compensated for the negative electromagnetic field of the mobile phone but also provided additional balancing and vitality.”

The Personal Resonators are conveniently packed in two different ‘sized’ packs to suit a purchaser’s requirements. They can be purchased in pairs, or in the original ‘6 Pack’ which contains 6 Personal Resonators.

Apart from being the most economical way to purchase them, this larger pack allows a person to place one Personal Resonator close to their skin 24 hours of the day (perhaps attached to a watch or an item of jewellery) and the other 5 in the pack are able to be used on items such as mobile phones, portable phones at home and work, the hairdryer, the closest point to you on your lap-top / computer.

They can also be attached to a water filter, or water bottle, to help energetically balance the water before drinking.

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The effects are subtle. Some very sensitive people can feel the effects very clearly and immediately, and if you keep one close to your skin you may also experience the benefit from their vibrational frequency, gaining ongoing protection, as well as support, from the ‘Quantum K’ energy.

Not only may the Personal Resonators be beneficial to you, but they are also an affordable, imaginative and health supporting present for friends and family. To purchase your Personal Resonators go to our shop.

Aura photos (and explanation of the resulting images) by:
Dr Mike Mirkovic,
(formally of Epsom Osteopathic Centre)
Now at Papakura Osteopaths
42 Beach Road, Papakura, Auckland, NZ

NB. It is not implied that the Personal Resonators can heal any symptom.