“Cancer is the biggest failure of twentieth century medicine… and the conventional treatments that are available will continue to be. But the new molecular biology, the human genome project, has revolutionised everything. The key to it are targets – molecules that are present in cancer cells and virtually absent or completely absent in normal cells. Once you have such a target or tumour marker you can devise treatments.”

Dan Burke PH.D.

What are Salvestrols and why are they so important?

 Salvestrols are naturally occurring phytonutrients. They are food–based compounds and are part of a plant’s immune system.

They provide their anti-cancer properties because they appear to ‘deal to’ the enzyme CYP1B1, which is found only in cancer cells.

The great thing is Salvestrols are totally inert until they come across CYP1B1 in a cell and then, as a friend said, “they lovingly give the cancerous cell a chance to implode”. (Oh good grief!!)

 Is CYP1B1 a problem or a solution?

All cells should ‘behave’ and follow the circle of life – birth, growth and then death. It appears that the CYP1B1 enzyme is a universal marker for cancer cells.

The Salvestrols bind with the CYP1B1 and therefore only the cancer cells are affected by the supplement.

Healthy cells are free of CYP1B1 and so are not affected as the Salvestrol targets only the diseased cells.

How are Salvestrols taken? 

 Ideally we should be able to extract the Salvestrols from the food we eat but there just  aren’t enough in the average food we can buy now.

My suggestion is to either grow your own fruits and vegetables, buy organic food at markets where you know they are fresh and free from sprays, and then… cook them in any way other than boiling!

Boiling removes the Salvestrols and so, unless you use the water they were boiled in it’s better to steam, roast or stir-fry your vegetables to retain the most Salvestrols as possible.

Also, particularly if you’re in New Zealand, contact Benji Woodman at Forgotten Fruits Nursery for more information in growing Heritage Trees that are high in Salvestrols.

Supplementation – the most effective way

It’s easy to determine, with muscle testing, how many capsules of Salvestrol are to be taken for best results but rule of thumb seems to be, for general health, (no cancerous cells detected) one capsule 2 – 3 times per week is recommended.

If conventional cancer treatments are being followed then a much larger supplementation is recommended in order to provide support for the body, and this is determined on an individual basis.

Watch the video discussion between Judith Paterson and Dave Vousden as they discuss the benefits of taking Salvestrols.

For more information, or to purchase Salvestrols, contact Judith Paterson either by Judith@positivelifebalance.com or phone
+64 (0) 21 88 36 89 


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