That was the title of the presentation focussing on building self-confidence, self-empowerment and ‘courage’ that I presented, in two episodes, at St Dominic’s College just recently.

Really it could just as easily be entitled ‘Creating Confident People’ as it is JUST as relevant for men as for women. 

Five individual classes of Year 13 students were introduced to two ‘hour long episodes’ of my ‘Creating Confident Women’ programme. One episode in Term One and then the second in the first week of Term Two. (I presented for ten hours in total.)

I was invited by the incredibly forward thinking Careers Department to present the young women with opportunities to look at life from a broader based perspective and learn some techniques that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Techniques that most people will never learn – and I was thrilled to find that some of the young ladies were already starting use the Zip Ups and were understanding why they must ‘Live Above the Line’ if they are to be truly happy in life.

We are gifted with an incredibly complex body and are usually completely unaware of the hidden abilities we have in order to more easily live a full and happy life.

What if you learnt that we (as humans) are actually ‘hardwired’ to be content to be ‘miserable and certain’ about what may happen in life, than be open to uncertainty? It can be our biggest fear!

Deep down, you’re probably already subconsciously aware of this and spend a great deal of  time and effort working at ‘being happier’.

What if was easier than you thought to make inspired changes? 

There are many ways we can make a positive difference without having to spend ages ‘working at it’.

Using frequently hidden aspects of our body’s systems we can speed up the process of change and arrive at where we’d like to be (in our constant life journey) much quicker.

As a Kinesiologist who uses Muscle Response Testing in the clinic I’ve also been deeply involved with Mind Power work for many years and a lot of my clinic work centres around it.

When a client experiences the reaction of a muscle following a statement, or maybe a food intolerance test for example, they are far more encouraged to make the changes. They can truly feel how their body reacts to a situation or condition.

As Dr Bradley Nelson describes it, “Muscle testing is like training wheels for your intuition.”

As a former teacher I’m absolutely thrilled that some Heads of Department are recognising the benefit of introducing their students to a different way to approach life and to address ‘confidence building’ in a different way.

My ‘Why’ for having been in this ‘field’ of self-development for over twenty years has always been to encourage self-confidence and self-empowerment so that we can accept people’s differences without a sense of judgement or suspicion.

Once we start building confidence in individuals I believe that the culture in business and society will change… and the earlier the better!

I believe it’s all about putting one foot in front of the other and ‘making a difference’, step by step.

Sometimes ‘Life’ pops up from nowhere and makes us wonder why we feel so down.

These are the times I recommend you reach out for this free book to give you some support while you’re going through this stage. I promise you – I use the ideas myself!!!

When we’re in that moment of feeling blah – that nobody loves us, we’re no use to anyone, there’s no point in doing anything, I’l always feel like this… THIS is the time when we need to TRUST that we can make a change. THIS is the time when we need to reach for the “11 Easy Ways to Increase Positivity”.