“I first sought Judith’s help in April 2013.

I had been feeling tired, with aching legs, and a really sore stomach at times. The anxiety and stress I was experiencing, along with my inability to concentrate, was creating a real concern and my life was going downhill. I was in a job I didn’t like and I could see no way out.

My first session was actually only a 45minute appointment so Judith could test me for food intolerances (she explained that she tests for intolerances, not allergies) and introduced me to some quick and easy exercises that only took me a few seconds to do a few times a day.

We had a follow up session a couple of weeks later where we addressed my stress levels and reactions to stressful situations.

Once I started to take the vibrational flower essences I was able to face up to the fact I HAD to do something or I was going to burn out completely.

I didn’t see Judith as regularly as I would have liked and so some changes came a little slower than they would  have, had I bitten the bullet and just ‘gone for it’ right from the beginning.

However… I did remove the foods that were creating havoc in my life (gluten grains being the major intolerance). I did NOT have an allergy to them and so I was always hopeful that I would one day be able to re-introduce them to my diet.

Due to the effect of the gluten, the preservatives, and several types of nuts, my digestive system had really suffered and so we had to address the physical issues. I sometimes experienced real moments of fear that things would never change.

Judith was always there to support me through those times and give me a gentle nudge if I was having difficulty staying with my new way of eating.

I had to take some supplements but these were always able to be kept to a minimum as I was using ‘easy to do’ Kinesiology techniques to balance the other systems in my body.

What was thrilling was that, even when I seemed to take a small backward step, I was still losing the weight I needed to and was able to recognise that I really was moving forward!

By the time I got married in October 2013 I had lost 5kg and was looking (and feeling) so much better – my ‘gut’ had almost gone.

I’d got a new (physical) job and the extra exercise was building up muscles I had forgotten were there.

When I was able to add some of the removed foods back into my diet I was thrilled!
However, despite Judith’s advice, I would then often overdo the amount I consumed of these foods as I reintroduced them!

Judith has warned me, over and over, that I MUST be good and take it slowly when getting back to eating any food that I have been intolerant to, particularly wheat and the other gluten grains. (How many exclamation marks would she use in her texts?!)

I’m feeling amazing and am now able to deal with life’s issues. I have learnt so much about how my body works and how I can help it to do its job fully.  I realise that, by keeping myself healthy, emotionally and physically, I really can achieve anything I set my mind to!

My recommendations…

  • stop using excuses and start making the changes you need to
  • invest in your health as, when you feel dreadful, life is extremely difficult and can feel pointless
  • know you can address stressful issues from a completely different perspective
  • speak to Judith Paterson NOW and sort things out AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

Thanks Judith…”