One of my regular clients was feeling helpless recently as her adored (almost two year old) grandson had been suffering from night terrors for some time and nothing seemed to be working to remove, or even reduce, the stress, not only for him but the whole family.

Not everybody is fully embracing of this ‘Woowoo stuff’ and that’s fair enough so, what to do?

I received this text a couple of days ago…
“Hello Judith,
I just thought it would make you smile and pump the air when I tell you that my grandson has still had no night terrors for over a week. Incredible…. the treatment spray, you recommended I should buy, worked from the very first night!

You have turned the whole family’s lives around. My daughter is stunned. As she said, she is feeling ‘stoked’ at the result! You clever thing you. Jxxx”

Judith’s comment:
It’s always so exciting when a text like this arrives… I know I’m not the clever thing – the spray is – but I am pleased I was able to suggest an idea that I was sure would provide a positive result.