Woohoo!! Another wonderful follow up call!

I saw ‘Anna’ 8 days ago and she (and particularly her husband) were more than slightly sceptical of how I would be able to help with her IBS, bloating and even a far more serious condition that had required many medications to keep her ‘functioning’.

After the food intolerance testing we found that a number of foods were causing severe irritation and so ‘Anna’ agreed that she would ‘do her best’ to not eat them. (To be quite honest…

because of their joint scepticism, I really didn’t know whether she would make the changes.)

I’ve just come off the phone feeling absolutely elated as it sounded as if I was speaking to a completely different woman!

Anna’ had made all the changes that were suggested, is reading all the ingredients on packets and is now feeling, and sounding, so much better and brighter!

Most of her symptoms have all but gone and she’s looking forward to returning in 3 week’s time for a follow up session to see what she can reintroduce.

Sometimes we have to hit rockbottom before the pain gets too much!

‘Anna’, I hope you realise how awesome you are!!!!