I’m often disappointed that the dangers of artificial sweeteners, such as Aspartame, are still not being clearly understood by many people.

I offer the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ programme to help people reduce their ‘sweet tooth’ (as I’m concerned about the over consumption of sugar). However, I’m also very concerned that many people still do not know there can be as great a danger to our health in consuming even a small amount of Aspartame.

How many times do we see supermarket trollies laden with Diet and Zero drinks (and other products) and, due to clever marketing, the buyers of these products are usually totally unaware of the 93+ side effects of ingesting this product. OR – even if they do have a ‘sneaking suspicion’ that they’ve heard something somewhere… they’d rather live in denial as they have been unwittingly, in many cases, become ‘hooked’ on the sugar from an early age.

I really encourage you to view this short video…

The body of evidence clearly shows that Aspartame (E951), and other artificial sweeteners, can lead to symptoms such as:

Headaches & migraines



Breathing difficulties

MS-like symptoms

Weight gain






Epilepsy & Seizures

Know you’re needing to reduce your sugar intake but scared you’re going to miss out on the joys of life?

Not so… the ‘I Reduced Sugar’ programme is a gently way to provide you with more energy, greater mental clarity, help you lose weight, have better skin, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce pain, sleep better…. the list of positive benefits is looooooong…..