Prospective clients may wonder why I like to speak to them before they make a decision to book in (or not) due to price alone.

By chatting, we can both determine whether the type of coaching / kinesiology I offer will suit them and their current needs. What I want to ensure is that all my clients know what they can ‘expect’ from me – and what recommendations I will encourage them to follow.

My ideal client is one who wants to make changes in their life as it’s clearly not working particularly well at the moment! They know the importance of personal support in order to be able to make these changes.

They may not know much about a complementary approach to health when they first come to see me, but are very keen to try my form of Life Coaching (as a Life ‘Tour Guide’) where I use Kinesiology as a solid base, along with many other techniques… even if it IS a little different to what they’ve experienced in the past.

My ideal client knows they are encouraged to ask me any questions, knowing I will be there to help! This allows them to feel supported and confident about what changes to expect and whether things are progressing as they should. I’m ‘the coach with a different approach’.

People who choose to work with me are open to experiencing a holistic approach using a variety of techniques, including the amazingly accurate muscle response testing technique (though it may seem somewhat ‘magical’ at first), and embrace the suggested changes with an open mind and with enthusiasm.

They find the best results come from:

  • taking the time to share their issues and understanding that there’s more to us than who we see in the mirror
  • clarifying, and doing, the quick and easy routines I suggest for them during the consultation
  • fully reading the follow up email that I send after the session
  • making contact with me if they have any questions later
  • going on to my website to read supporting information

I am very much of the belief that our emotions ‘kick-start’ our genes (the study of epigenetics) and have worked for many years with the principles of John Kehoe’s, ‘Mind Power’ and Bruce Lipton’s, ‘The Biology of Belief’ to name just two.

Muscle response testing is a skill that is developed after lots of practise. It’s a very subtle and non-invasive way to obtain extremely accurate information from the body’s cells. (You may like to check out this link… if you’ve ever wondered if this sort of testing is a little ‘out there’.)

I started my studies for my Diploma in Classical Kinesiology in 1997. As students we practised and practised on many people, as a variety of varied muscle reactions are found when testing different people.

Now, having treated thousands of clients over the years, my skills have developed to such an extent that I hardly need to put much pressure at all on a tested muscle as I can ‘sense’ the reaction. It’s always important, though, to make sure the client can feel the difference between a ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ muscle.
If a person comes to me for food intolerance testing, they learn that there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes, other than just the symptoms that are clearly showing up.

Due to the food intolerances (and probably other causes) there will most likely be a resulting inflammation of the gut, and other parts of the digestive tract. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If probiotics, and other supplements for gut inflammation, are needed these are tested individually. Not only can the body be put under more stress but money can be wasted if the wrong supplement is taken…

Inflammation within the body (often unseen) is the greatest cause of disease. Inflammation can lead to symptoms such as pain, obesity, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, and cancer.

When clients visit me in the clinic I take them through a series of quick and easy techniques that can help them lift their confidence and energy levels.

Along with this I have a little prompt system that reminds us all (me included) that, in order to achieve any changes in life, we need to ‘Live Above the Line’. Taking Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility and to Smile!

If we find ourselves Blaming other people, making Excuses, or living in Denial we will always feel ‘out of control’ because it will appear to us that it’s always ‘someone else’s fault’ and we probably know by now that we can’t change other people.

Is this the time to step up and make those changes you know you need to make?

If you are interested to learn more about muscle testing, I run workshops to introduce this skill. You will develop an understanding of the basics at the workshop and then you can go and practise this new technique with family and friends, until you refine the technique.

(Please don’t think this is a skill that you can use yourself after attending a session. It is NOT a party trick. It takes time and a lot of practise to develop the skills needed to use this assessment technique.)