If you’re in business, there’s a lot of information out there on how to select an ‘ideal client’ however… How do you go about selecting an ideal treatment provider?

1.  Why are you seeking treatment?

When it comes to why we seek advice and support we need to be aware that each treatment provider has their own way of approaching the client’s personal journey and so, as a client we must choose the process that ‘speaks’ to us.

2.  What sort of treatment are you looking for?

Yes, I know, we’d all like to find someone who can just wave a magic wand and have all our troubles just disappear!

Ask yourself:

  • Is your requirement for total relaxation where not a lot of ‘effort’ (maybe no effort) is required on your behalf?
  • Will you be happy to take a certain amount of responsibility for the positive result?
  • Do you want to understand how and why this treatment ‘works’?

If this is new to you there will be a certain amount of work needed to create the foundations so that speedy transitions can literally happen overnight.

 3. What are their qualifications… for what you’re needing?

Is it important to you that the treatment provider has been through a course of study that allows you to know they are professional, have integrity, be totally confidential, ‘know their stuff’, and takes part in continuing professional development?

4. Do you get a good ‘gut feeling’ when you make contact?

Are you feeling comfortable when chatting with the treatment provider?

Do you experience a sense of empathy, understanding and confidence and feel that this person ‘hears’ you and can help guide you through a ‘hiccups’ on your life’s journey?

5.  What are your issues and challenges currently costing you right now?

What’s the true cost to you of :

  • On-going stress?
  • Low energy levels?
  • Anxiety?
  • Unexplained pain?
  • IBS?
  • Unidentified Food Intolerances?
  • Doctors’ visits?
  • Prescription charges?
  • Time off work? ‘
  • Stuck’ relationships?
  • Unable to make decisions?

Do you see seeking help as a luxury or a necessity?

It’s not about the cost of what you are being charged in the clinic, it’s what it’s costing you right now.

It’s not always a rule of thumb but, how many times have you bought ‘on price’, only to find that the price can reflect the quality of support?

Very few people ever consider what the price of a clinic session actually covers.

What is charged is not an hourly rate. It also covers the cost of the after consultation contact the treatment provider gives (maybe by text or email), the support you receive.

Are you able to easily contact the treatment provider or is it difficult to get to speak to them? Is that an important aspect to making your choice?

Do you feel the therapist is a trusted guide and confidante who gives more than what you may expect and goes the extra mile?

6. Do you feel ‘safe’?

  • What are the rooms and facilities like?
  • Where are they situated?

Is it important to you that the treatment provider has spent years studying and continues to update themselves on a daily and weekly basis though reading and invests in ongoing training to keep their knowledge up to date?

Would you like the treatment provider to be ‘down to earth’, able to look at a variety of situations from an overall and ‘rounded’ perspective?

How important is it to you that the treatment provider has ‘life experience’ behind them and is able to empathise with your experience?

AND – most importantly –

Do you TRUST the treatment provider? Do you ‘relate’ to them and their approach?

If these considerations are ones that resonate with you I would love to meet you.

As a former teacher, who majored in science and PE, taught Sports Therapy and Lifestyle skills in the UK for three and a half years and received her Kinesiology Diploma in 2001, I’m well experienced in many aspects of health.

Please email me judith@positivelifebalance.com or call me on +64 (0)21 88 36 89 and book in for a chat.