Feeling tired, stressed, and even a bit fearful?
Has ‘Life’ come out of left-field BIG TIME?
Needing a ‘coach with a different approach’?


Stuck in the mud? Let’s plan the life journey YOU want!

Can you identify with these current scenarios?

  • I’m actually feeling scared about ‘Life’ at the moment… I’m often feeling lost and frightened of the future. Where has my confidence gone?

  • What’s happened to my energy? I need MORE.  I’m really struggling to keep up with others at times. I’m feeling burnt-out much of the time.

  • My digestive system needs help – NOW!  My body’s hurting and I often feel bloated and constipated. My bowels often make a dreadful noise… is this IBS? If it is… what can I do?

  • It’s that feeling of being drained, depressed and distraught.  I know I need to ‘let go’ of my past. I’ve ‘lost’ myself and, even though I’m not happy, I’m too scared to make a change. I’m needing support and guidance because I’m feeling totally confused.

  • IS there such a thing as a ‘different kind of coach’? One that will actually help sort ME out because I’m exhausted trying to do this on my own! I want a woman who has been through ‘stuff’ and has got to the ‘other end’ feeling even more empowered than she ever was before!

  • Where’s the FUN, the CHOICES… the MONEY?  I’m sick of people telling me to ‘let go’. I’d like to but I’m finding that it’s not that easy! Can you please help me, Judith?


Does it hurt?

“If your body, your life, your job, or your relationship is hurting you and not giving you the results you want, we should talk this week.

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What Do You Want From Life?

By using muscle response testing your body really is able to tell you what it needs to get you from here to there. There are so many exciting options and paths to take!  Find out more…


How Do You Want To Feel?

What do you want to attract into your life? How far do you want to go and what are your dreams? Where will life take you and who will travel with you? So many questions and so many options!  Find out more…



Judith Paterson

Travelling the world can truly inspire us,  however ‘internal travel’ can be even more exciting! Using a different approach can change everything!  Find out more…


I Need Some Guidance

With so many choices available,  Judith will help you choose the best path for you. Having an experienced guide allows you to achieve your desired changes quickly and develop greater empowerment along the way.  Find out more…

Positive Life Balance Judith Paterson

My mission:
To provide the opportunity for you to create the life you want.
By considering a variety of ‘travel approaches’ you can then make informed decisions about your own, unique, journey and you’ll have the guidance you need.” 

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